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Introducing V7 IFP Pro

The Next Generation of Interaction

65″, 75″, 86″ Sizes

Amazing 4K Resolution

Teach With Clarity and Precision

The V7 interactive flat panel comes with 20 point touch capability. You can have two students using board, each with the capability of using 10 touch points each.

This amazing IPS panel has 410 nits brightness, automatic brightness adjustment, anti-glare treatment, and 9H glass hardness.

Built-in Teaching Tools

Record and share to the cloud

Draw and take notes on top of any screen

Counts down from a specified time

Counts up from zero – great for timing activities

Focus on a section of the screen

Air Class

This pre-installed app allows teachers to engage students in lessons, surveys, voting, and random student selection.

  • Voter – displays answer distribution from users
  • Responder – who is the first to answer a question
  • Selector – who will the IFP select to respond?


Want to see just how amazing this free and included software feature is? Check out our free walkthrough videos.

Cast Content to IFP

The V7 IFP makes it easy to cast content from your device or multiple devices to the screen. Cast content from up to 9 devices to the panel. Users can also plug their notebook into the USB-C port and enjoy full power of Windows or MacOS on the panel.

Wireless Protocols Supported:

  • Screen Share Pro
  • Chromecast
  • Airplay
  • Miracast
  • Browser

Easy Lesson Sharing

V7 Interactive Flat Panels make it easy for presenters to share their lessons, whether they want to do it wirelessly, connected, or on device with the browser.

Cast to Device

Use Bytello Screen Share Pro, Chromecast, Airplay, Miracast and web browser to cast your presentation wirelessly to the display.


Use the USB-C port to power your laptop with 65W of power and display 4k presentations from your laptop to the display.

Web Browser

Login to your Google Drive account and access your presentation and files just like you normally would on your computer. It's that easy.

Cast Content to Users

Using Desktop Sync mode of Screen Share Pro, the content can be sent from the V7 IFP to all the devices in the room, regardless of operating system.

Desktop Sync also allows for 2 way touch allowing an authorized user to interact and control the IFP from their touch screen device.

The presenter can also send files from the IFP to the connected users.

Fantastic Apps Available

Full suite of included applications to help teachers share lessons and engage students. All applications that come default on the V7 IFP are free of cost.

20 Points of Touch

4K resolution with 20 points of touch makes for an amazing experience of clarity and accuracy. Write and draw beautifully on the V7 IFP.

Duplicate From One to Many - Wirelessly

Using the Byello Screen Share application on the IFP allows a presenter to duplicate the entire screen from one panel to multiple panels in the same room or campus, as long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Sharing and QR Codes

The V7 IFP makes it incredibly easy to share notes from the interactive whiteboard application to your audience. The presenter can save the notes as PDF, images, vector graphics, and interactive whiteboard files. The presenter can also upload the notes directly to their connected cloud account.

The QR code share capability sets this panel apart from the competition. Imagine just scanning a QR code and automatically downloading the lesson as series of images.

Schedule a Demo

Want to see a full demonstration of the V7 IFP Pro and how it can be used? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

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Customer Support

Need customer support?

Our tech support team is here to help. Our staff of product experts can help to troubleshoot issues or provide instructions if the product needs to be returned.

For fastest response – send us an email: techsupport@v7-world.com
We’re also available Monday through Friday from 9a to 8p EST at 1.800.289.9686