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Full Walkthrough of DMS
IFP Binding to DMS
See All Controlled IFPs from Admin
Command Management
Commands to Individual IFP
Commands to All IFPs
Easy Deployment Profile Setup
Power Off Command
User Profile Settings

IFP Settings

Wireless Networking
WiFi Module Install
Wired Network Settings
VPN Settings
Multi Window Mode

DMS - Advanced - Profile Setup / Deployment
Create a profile for easy deployment. Preset Wi-Fi settings, allowed networks, allowed/denied urls, applications, device settings, and certificates for automatic loading on new v7 IFPs.
DMS - Resources
Resources is where you can upload a repository of images, videos, audio files, APKs, presentations, announcements, certificates, and more for deployment to displays across your entire campus, or district.
DMS - Commands to Multiple Devices
The DMS allows the admin to send commands to multiple devices at once. Simply select the devices you would like to create a command for and that's it. Do it immediately, scheduled, or recurring.
DMS - Devices - Power Off Command
Turn of the displays remotely in real time or create a recurring schedule so that even if teachers leave the devices on when they leave, you know that they will automatically power off at a specified time of your choosing.
DMS - Devices - Power On Command
Using a WOL device, you can power on the IFPs according to a preset schedule.
DMS - Devices - Create Commands
This is where the admin can create schedules or one offs of the following: power on, power off, screen off, reboot, bells, screen lock, text on board distribution, play videos, publish files, or even do a live broadcast channel. Easily update the wallpaper or boot logo as well.
DMS - Device Management - Basic
Access and control a single or multiple IFPs from here. You can see real time displays of each screen, modify tags, locations, see resources available, unenroll, factory reset, clear cache, reboot, lock, unlock, enable input, and remote control. This is where you can easily see the serial number of this device as well.
DMS - User Profile Settings
Here you can edit your username, reset your password, enable 2 factor authentication, and set your default language.
Enroll / Unenroll Devices to Organization
Step by step instructions to enroll / unenroll IFPs to and from your DMS account.
DMS Alerts
Available on any screen of the DMS, the admin can send an alert to all or specified groups of IFP locations.
Full DMS Walkthrough
Full walkthrough of the remote management system that helps IT Admins deploy and maintain the V7 IFPs across their classrooms, campus, and districts. See how to send commands, broadcast announcements, set schedules, and more.