Most Common Tutorials

Cast Wirelessly
Access Google Drive Files From Web Browser
Enroll IFP to DMS
DMS Alerts
Note – Smart Text, Search, Image Drag
Note – QR Code Export
Note – Import Images
Note – Eraser Methods
Note – Auto Create Shapes
Bytello – Bind Cloud Accounts
Single Sign On with QR Code
Cast from IFP with Touch
Mirror Content from One IFP to Many
Casting and Sync
Note – Change Backgrounds
Document Cameras
File Management
Mark / Annotate Anything
Crop the Screen

Cast Lesson Wirelessly to Display
Wirelessly cast your screen or window from your computer to the IFP board. Open Bytello Share, enter code, screen share. It's that simple.
Access Google Drive Files From Browser
Quick tutorial showing you how to access and display your Google Slides, Docs, or Sheet files directly on the IFP using the web browser.
Enroll / Unenroll Devices to Organization
Step by step instructions to enroll / unenroll IFPs to and from your DMS account.
DMS Alerts
Available on any screen of the DMS, the admin can send an alert to all or specified groups of IFP locations.
Note - Smart Text, Search and Image Drag
Write anything you want and convert it to text using Smart Text, then search the internet for images, articles, etc, and finally drag and drop images from internet search results into Note for manipulation and use.
QR Code Export
Export notes with a QR Code. Users can scan with their mobile device and easily access the temporarily stored png files. "I didn't get the notes." is no longer an acceptable excuse.
Note - Import Images
Note allows the easy import of jpeg, png, PDF, and vector graphic files.
Note - Eraser Methods
There are 3 ways to erase objects and text in Note. Back of the hand, eraser tool, and selection tool.
Note - Auto Create Shapes
Using the Auto Shape tool in Note will allow for the easy drawing of circles, ellipses, triangles, and squares.
Bytello App Account Settings and Binding
Here you can bind your cloud accounts to your Bytello account for easy, single sign on access integration. You can also modify your settings, home screen, and applications here.
Single Sign On with QR Code
V7 makes it easy to sign into your personalized settings with single sign on. Simply scan the QR code, create an account, and you can then bind/access your cloud files on Google Drive or MS One Drive. Sign out and it will remove your files and make it so that another teacher can use the board with their profile. No need to manager profiles on the device.
Bytello Sync with Reverse Touch
Desktop Sync allows content to be shared from the IFP to devices' screens. Two way touch (if enabled) allows for the receiving device to control the IFP with touch.
Mirror Content From One Board to Another
The V7 IFP makes it easy to duplicate content between devices. Want a 2nd display to mirror the content on the primary device? No problem. It's as simple as putting in a code.
Bytello Share Casting and Desktop Sync
Learn how to easily cast up to 9 devices to the V7 IFP. Cast your notebook, Chromebook, iPad, or mobile device to the V7 IFP. Desktop Sync will duplicate the content from the IFP to multiple devices, even allowing for 2 way touch.
Note - Change Backgrounds
Customize your Note background, color, and even put your own custom image. You can even have multiple note pages, each with it's own background, in the same file.
Visualizer with Document Camera / Webcam
See how the Visualizer app can integrate your document camera or webcam into the V7 IFP. Annotate, markup, save, share!
File Management / Finder
See how to use the Finder app to handle file management, renaming, sharing, copying, and even deleting files between the IFP and the connected cloud accounts.
Mark / Annotate Anything
Mark overlay app allows you to capture and annotate anything on the screen, regardless of the application or website. Easily save, insert into Note, share, or upload directly to your cloud account.
Crop the Screen
Crop any screen and either save the image or insert the image into Note and continue to create!
Airclass allows for instant feedback to the teacher to see if the audience is understanding the information. Allows for surveys, user selection, responder, and user messaging.