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Note - Smart Text, Search and Image Drag
Write anything you want and convert it to text using Smart Text, then search the internet for images, articles, etc, and finally drag and drop images from internet search results into Note for manipulation and use.
Note - Rulers
Note comes with 4 default ruler options. Multiple rulers can be used on screen at the same time. Measure length and angles.
QR Code Export
Export notes with a QR Code. Users can scan with their mobile device and easily access the temporarily stored png files. "I didn't get the notes." is no longer an acceptable excuse.
Note - Page Navigation
Easily pull up the whiteboard page navigator and select the page you would like to display.
Note - Mind Map
This tool allows users to create decision models. As the user writes, auto text conversion happens. Users can also expand the mind map into as many branches as needed.
Note - Import Images
Note allows the easy import of jpeg, png, PDF, and vector graphic files.
Note - Grids / Writing Tool
Grids in Note make it easy to write evenly. If the letters are written correctly it will automatically convert the writing to text.
Note - Forms / Tables
Easily create forms / tables in Note. You can add rows by swiping across or fully manipulate the size with the selection tool. The table will automatically adjust and expand to fit your writing.
Note - Eraser Methods
There are 3 ways to erase objects and text in Note. Back of the hand, eraser tool, and selection tool.
Note - Write/Draw with Custom Colors
Choose from the regular colors or mix things up with the ability to select a custom color.
Note - Auto Create Shapes
Using the Auto Shape tool in Note will allow for the easy drawing of circles, ellipses, triangles, and squares.
Note - Create 3D Shapes in Note
Easily create 3D shapes in Note. Manipulate the scale, color, and copies of 3D created shapes.

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